6 Need To Know WFH Tips

The world has changed; and the way we style or situate our homes will have to change with it. Working from home can be tough. Some people are working from their beds, kitchen tables, couches…etc. To help, we’ve compiled a list of ways to design an effective and productive work space in your home.

3 Ways To Improve Your Home Using Old Tights

Here at Threads, we’re committed to finding life hacks that support sustainable living. Although we only produce tights and masks, our products can be used for a variety of other activities in and around your home. We’ve discovered uses in the beauty, craft, and fashion space, but today we’re going to show you how your old tights can be used as home improvement tools.

This Is How To Crush Your Next Zoom Interview

Remember when interviews meant you woke up 3 hours early to get ready, study company background info and drive to a far location, arrive 30 minutes early, meet with an individual, answer questions for 30 minutes, and drive back home? It sounds like a lot…especially now that we just have to walk to our desks, turn our computers on, and click a link.