How To Dress For Fall Without Freezing Your A** Off

I hope you enjoyed as much of your summer as possible despite the current state of the globe; but gone are the days of jean shorts and spaghetti straps for the next 8 months or so. Fall has arrived. We can long for our warm sunny days, or we can get excited about fall fashion.

 Let’s be real, fall is the best season to dress for. Comfy knit sweaters, jeans, skirts with tights and PSLs are what we look forward to at this time of year. It can be challenging because there’s no snow on the ground and when the sun is beaming through your window, you may accidentally dress for warmer weather. A few hours go by and you’re freezing your butt off because although it looks like summer…it’s not. 

This year is a little different in fall fashion because masks are now an essential part of every outfit you put together. At least it’s a little bit more warmth in the colder months? Women are constantly fighting the battle between looking cute and being warm enough to venture outdoors. So, we put together some style inspo that will satisfy both of those needs. Looking for simple and sophisticated masks to compliment your outfits? Click here.

1. Boyfriend Blazers

Victoria Hui in her Threads tights, combat boots, boyfriend blazer and white collared shirt. Paired with a statement belt and purse. Find similar styles here.

2. Basic Trenches

Alexis Foreman in a camel trench, black turtle neck, leather belt, white jeans, and leather loafers. Find similar styles here.

3. Monochromatic Sweat Suits

@wethepeoplestyle featuring cream coloured sweat pants and sweater with a camel trench, new balance sneakers, and a v cute doggo. Find similar styles here.

4. Cozy Knits

Allegra Shaw in her cozy knit with jeans, knee high boots, and muted boyfriend blazer. Find similar styles here.

5. Oversized Wool Coats

@wethepeoplestyle featuring a camel oversized wool trench, black turtle neck, mom jeans, and combat boots. Find similar styles here.

6. Oversized Suits

Alexis Foreman in a vintage oversized suit with a black body suit, white sneakers, and slate grey satchel. Find similar styles here.

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